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The Procreate experience and quick sketching

Learning and growing It was a very good learning tool getting out there and doing it is the best teacher. I also think being in the studio and just doing the work as I have been and watching YouTube‘s how to do this procreate thing is so much more valuable than I realized. it gives me also some thing to latch onto and keep me focused with a purpose. To get faster, create better Prints, retain the freshness of life sketching. It is a challenge !😵 Challenges /paper and color Working in new environments, with people talking at me etc. different lighting, wind! Today I’m researching how to figure out my output. One of my challenges is getting the right paper to print out the art . I found that photo paper is not the answer because I might have to draw on top of it and also the slickness somehow takes away from the vivid color density too. I am going to try out this Epson radiant white 66 pound paper and see if my colors pop more. It could be also be that I’m relying too much on lowering opacity when I grab watercolor paint brushes. it really gives you a lot of light washy feel to build color dynamics wich is wonderful but for my purposes I’m probably not using enough vibrant full opacity color as I might with grabbing markers. Freedom of hand verses digital pencil Other challenge is having the image of the person on an under layer can sometimes be my sketch stroke and freedom. So I’m at a crossroads of just sketching the person having their image in front of me for reference rather than on an under layer for reference. Perhaps I need a little of both, with the addition of a second smaller iPad for photo reference.. at a glance, and keeping the underlayer too for finishing identity details. Busy work Some of the tools that procreate has like putting things on different layers are very handy and all the brushes and range of colors at your fingertips but it can create a lot of busy work when you are on site, maybe almost as much as I had before by grabbing markers, pencils and pens etc. Although there is the advantage of not bringing along all that extra equipment and having to buy new markers constantly.. Tasks now to succeed So my tools, I see need more preparatory work in procreate for my purposes. need to establish the proper set of brushes, set of colors for flesh tones, warm, cool, black/whites that I know will use and print out the color I want. Some tasks are tedious but nesessary I used to deal with a lot of color matching when I was in textile design and printing was critical for presentations. I had to not only calibrate my printer properly, I had to also digital totally correct the color to be able to get the print out on a particular paper to match a Pantone.😵 Spending time and exploring I think valuable thing for me that I’ve learned is to work in the studio just trying things I may find that I just wanna work with black and white and Ink washes with no color!

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