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Inspiration As An Entreprenuer.

Natural Inspiration At It’s Best.


Some days I sit down to draw, and the design seems to flow right from my brain, down into my fingertips; and onto the canvas. That is what I call natural inspiration at its best. And I wish I had those days all the time! Most of the time when I sit down to start a new design my mind goes blank, or if I do have a project, I have no idea where to start. Ever feel like this?

As a professional artist, my inspiration comes from within, although money helps! I have to dig deep for my inspiration for any project, especially if my client gives me a deadline.
Not every project placed in front of me is my own, so this shows you how deep my connection with art goes. 
After all, the client MUST love the results for me to get compensated. Seeing my client lay their eyes on their customized idea aligned for their audience for the first time, is what keeps me going. I help my clients create that “wow factor”! And I live for this feeling. 🙂 
When I’m not working my 9-5 or hustling with my designs, I love learning new ways to improve my development as a person.
It may not seem like a big deal, but supporting a local cause, donating your time, or buying/selling from local farmer markets and small events, are simple ways to allow your inspiration to expand. You may not be able to make a massive change, but you very well could learn a lot from the new people you meet in your community. Also, this is a chance to network your skills, always a plus. lol
Getting stuck in a creative rut is surprisingly easy to do. Because as much as we wish it were, creativity isn’t just something you can switch on. You have to nurture it, like a tiny baby kitten. 
So I have created a list to help myself with my drawing block.
1.)Shopping malls
3.)Art galleries
4.)Colorful locations like Wynwood in Miami, Florida.
I visit/try 1/5 on my list to keep my mind stimulated, and it works every time!
There are heaps of other things that can inspire you, but this small list was to help you get started. I’d love you to add any other sources of inspiration you can think of in the comments below. 
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